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Pool fencing is a must for avoiding fines and to keep your kids and pets safe from drowning. However outdated, traditional fencing isn’t attractive. Nobody wants to create a glorious outdoor oasis surrounding by greenery and vegetation, only to have it be surrounded by bad-looking fence.

What are the alternatives? Glass fencing is a great option.

Here’s why.
  • It keeps your view intact – with glass pool fencing you can preserve the design of your garden and pool, so that your outdoor area looks open and inviting, without being broken up by ugly metal spikes. You’ll be able to see outside your window at any time and be treated to a full view of your pool, day or night.
  • It keeps you swimming for longer – unlike traditional fencing which features gaps between each section, glass fencing creates a solid and uniform pool surrounding. This acts as a break, allowing you to swim even in windy weather.
  • It helps keep your pool clean – a significant source of pool debris comes from leaves, grass clippings and vegetation that’s blown into your pool. With glass fencing your pool is surrounded, lowering its chance of accumulating silt and debris.
  • It’s unattractive to kids and animals, because many kids see fences as an invitation to climb, and even if your fencing is high enough that they can’t climb over it, they could fall and hurt themselves while playing around or on it. Glass fencing is too slippery to climb and isn’t fun to play with, so kids and pets are likely to steer clear of it.
  • It ticks all the necessary boxes – Yes glass pool fencing looks good, but is it affordable, durable and compliant with local pool fencing requirements? You’ll find that it is, making it the perfect addition to any home and any budget.
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Fully frameless or Semi-frameless options are available.

The fully frameless balustrades are installed into a concrete or timber frame structure.

We use a wide variety of wall brackets, spigots and facia mounted standoff adaptors for installation.

The semi-frameless option comes with 40mm, 50mm square or 50mm round aluminium.

The balustrade posts are made from high strength aluminium-alloy.

They come in the standard silver and black colours or you can select any custom powder coated colour.

For the perfect fit, Crystal Glassbuild works to a 2mm tolerance on the semi-frameless and fully frameless glass balustrades.

They come with an extensive hardware range to suit lots of types of applications.

Our options are suitable solutions for your domestic and commercial glass balustrades needs on the Gold Coast.
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Our range of glass balustrades are fitted to the highest quality and specifications.

Our frameless designs are installed into concrete or timber, using a range of attractive and safe attachments.

These can be inserted at floor level or onto walls depending on your requirements.

The semi frameless balustrade designs are also very adaptable and have a slightly sturdier look, which appeals to some customers.

The aluminium we use in our sleek and stylish frames perfectly complements glass as a material.

All our balustrades are designed and fitted to require minimum maintenance.

The glass and aluminium are finished to the highest quality and are resistant to everyday use.

They will maintain their great looks and functionality from the day they are fitted.
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At Crystal Glassbuild in Southport, we are a family owned and run business with deep roots in the Gold Coast going back many years.

We appreciate exactly what our customers look for in beautiful pool fencing.

We have a great range of balustrades and indoor barriers for your Gold Coast home.

Our super stylish glass products come in completely frameless and semi frameless designs.

As well as pool fencing, we fit the same designs as staircase balustrades and splashback protectors for home interiors.

We install curved glass partitions and shower screens and have an excellent range of architectural glass products to enhance the look of your home.

Semi frameless designs are very popular as pool fencing on the Gold Coast, and can also be just what you need indoors, too.
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Pool fencing is now available in a whole range of different options, frameless pool fencing, semi-frameless and aluminum are popular options to choose from.
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One of the most important decisions when building a swimming pool is choosing the right fencing.

Queensland has strict regulations that mandate all private and public pools are made safe for young children. The Queensland government made pool fencing mandatory and recommended design guidelines that all homeowners and installers must abide by.

Glass is a great fencing choice for your new or existing pool fence. This is one reason why many homeowners decide glass for their new pool.

If you are considering glass pool fencing, here are a few pros and cons.

Mandatory pool fencing on the Gold Coast can seem off-putting, however, it gives you the chance to revitalise your yard. Glass is an attractive and timeless material. This is one of its biggest advantages because it fits many architectural styles and can inject an air of sophistication to any property.

The idea of having glass pool fencing is to prevent children from falling into the water when they are not being supervised. This is a great step towards ensuring safety, in addition to allowing you to see into the pool enclosure without any obstructions.

Nobody wants to spend endless amounts of time looking after their pool fencing. Glass is durable and requires very little maintenance. Keeping it clean with a soft cloth and a mild detergent is often enough to remove smudges or grease marks. Thanks to this, it is easy to keep it looking its best for many years.
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A clear outlook is just another security measure, as you are able to keep your children in plain sight at all times. Not only does it look fantastic, but glass fencing has also proven to be one of the safest fencing options for your pool enclosure.

Queensland swimming pool safety legislation is always evolving to incorporate latest studies, practices and techniques that may better secure our pools and prevent accidents from occurring.

Every Queensland homeowner—in fact, any property manager with a pool on-site—must be compliant with the state’s laws of pool safety.

Make the switch to glass pool fencing for your Gold Coast home today! The safety and aesthetic benefits are countless.

When you choose to secure your swimming pool with glass fencing, you’re making a lifestyle choice that upholds an uncompromising attention to safety detail, as well as a sense of luxury.

Other ways to ensure your kids remain safe around the pool include:
  • Keeping furniture a safe distance from the fence
  • Supervising your children while they are playing near the fence
  • Establishing strict rules about using the swimming pool
Keep your children safe this summer by educating them on proper safety methods, and by having glass fencing installed around your pool as an additional security measure.
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Having a swimming pool at home can open the door to endless hours of summer entertainment.

Swimming is a fantastic activity for everyone in the family and is even more enjoyable in the hotter season – especially if you live on the sunny Gold Coast, whereby summer can seem to go on for months.
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